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DYNAMIC BAND WEBSITES. $500. From Jager Webmaster

NeilWedd 16 Jun 2005 15:48




EXTRA! EXTRA! Exclusive to Jager Uprising members! The first 20 finalised accounts will receive 1 months hosting free! Read on…

It's here.

TFD are proud to announce Dynamic Band Sites™.

Dynamic Band Sites™ give you total control of your content, user-friendly live updating, a secure online administration area, an easy-to-use email list to keep in touch with your fans, all hosted on industry-leading high tech secure servers.

This means you have total control of your content. No more reliance on a webmaster, no more "can you add this…", no more "can you update that…", no more FTP!

Updating your website is easier than writing an email.

With TFD Dynamic Band Sites™, you login via a secure area of your website, and add, update or delete your content as you wish. All changes are live!

Popular categories are: Gig Guide, News, Pics, MP3s, Biography and Email List. Of course if you need something customised we are the crew to do it.

The email list is slightly different, eFAN-List™ email is sent directly from your secure administration area, as opposed to your local email program. eFAN-List™ emails are fully HTML compatible, and allow images to be included, so you can promote your shows with eFlyers etc…

The eFAN-List™ service is also available separately.

All this is hosted on cutting edge hardware and the latest software run in dual locations, on ultra-high speed links, and featuring security by renowned Cisco Systems®.

At this point you could be thinking; "Nice, but it sounds like a template site to me." Wrong. All sites are designed individually to your specifications, within reason, and are uniquely conceptualised by your choice of one our highly regarded designers.

For more information and pretty screenshots follow me this way….

* Base package for $500 includes setup cost and categories: Gig Guide, News, Biography and Contact. Hosting charges are not included. For more information visit
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