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Basics' Tour Diary 2/8/05

KrisBasics 2 Aug 2005 12:35

It's taken us a month, but we've made Perth and returned to the familiar cold winds and darker skies of our Southern home Melbourne.

First tip - if you are looking for bargain accomodation in Perth, go no further than the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough. Situated 5 minutes from the beach, the owner Andrew is super band-friendly - if you get in early enough (more than a month, which isn't much), you can organise to do a gig in their bar in return for accommodation, otherwise it's a paltry $50 a night - and that's NOT each band member. It's got inhouse movies, free breakfast, pool, bar and all amenities close by. Drop me a line if you want his contact details.

We had some of the best gigs on the weekend and some of the worst - it's the curse of the small(ish) town. You will either get everyone in the town or you will get no one, eg. Wednesday in Exmouth was great, Thursday in Coral Bay was brilliant (we love it there, even if you're not playing a gig!!), Northampton was also brilliant (although they originally thought that the 'For Girls Like You' Tour meant we were an all-girl band - surprise!), but Dongara and Geraldton were very ordinary.

Basically, there's either too much on in town on the night or there's been too much on the previous nights and everyone's exhausted/out of money. I guess that doesn't change wherever you go!

REGARDLESS, it's amazing how many CDs you can sell even to a small crowd if you are good and work hard. Often you can play to hundreds and sell no CDs, but we've had rooms of less than 50 and sold 10 or 15 CDs - so don't let a small crowd get the better of you.

Crap, I've been talking for a bit so I'll give your sorry eyes a rest from my ranting and drop another line soon.

The Basics
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