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Basics' Tour Diary 18-08-2005

KrisBasics 19 Aug 2005 11:57

It seems ridiculous for a Melbourne band, but since we've started touring about two years ago we've done WA three times, but never played Adelaide! Well, we're here to remedy that situation, and last night was a bloody good start.

We crossed the Nullabor (or is it Nullarbor? No one seems to agree...) without a hitch, but passed a huge dead camel which a couple of poor young blokes hit about 7pm the night before. We'd heard on the radio they'd been airlifted to Perth Hospital with suspected spinal injuries, but haven't heard anything since.

SO, if you're thinking of touring outback SA/QLD/WA/NT, we'd recommend not driving at night unless you hate your car and yourself. Having a bullbar is a good start, and it's definitely doable, but it's one of those stresses we can do without...

Back to Adelaide! Did the Exeter last night which was good but they stuck us in this alcove that felt like we were playing in a fishtank. It made it hard for our sound tech Stu (from Revolver for those of you in Melbourne... great guy and great technician), but he's a pro and it sounded great as usual.

Anyway, the Austral tonight before doing the National Hotel in Geelong tomorrow; a few days off then we take to Tasmania!

If you're thinking of coming to Adelaide, it seems that just about every pub has the same payment scheme... $300 (plus GST if registered). I suppose it makes it simple, and the pubs themselves are quite cool. The Austral is a great place to start because you can get some free accomodation out of them (we got three days, and we're only playing one there). Apparently the Governor Hindmarsh is a great venue too, so something to try for next time...

And on that note (B sharp)...

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