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The Vacant Lanes 2006 - Gigs and more

reeders 24 May 2006 07:58

Hey all,

Is there a gig guide on this site anymore? oh on!!

Well even though The Vacant Lanes haven't played a show since November last year, there has been a lot happening behind the scenes.
The boys have been busy the past 6 months recording demos at home and have just finished recording three songs at Salt Studios for what will be the debut release later in the year.

Check out the latest demos, news and pics at
The Vacant Lanes have a couple of great shows lined up, please see below:

Friday 26th May @ The Commercial Hotel, Yarraville w/ The Readies + Bird of Man
This show is free entry and kicks off around 9pm...should be a great come back gig.

Wednesday 7th June @ Ding Dong Lounge w/ Little Red + The Christinas
We are happy to finally have a show at Ding Dong, come down for a mid week musical feast.

Many Thanks

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