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Cut Throat Showcase

cutthroat 6 Jun 2006 11:38

Cut Throat is comingÖ

Sounds more like a serial killer than studio but thatís exactly what they are! Cut Throat audio productions has been busy recording some of Melbourneís best and underground band over the past few months in preparation for its assault on the Melbourne music scene. The culmination of recording, production and the belief that all bands deserve a decent recording whatever level they are at has produced a showcase and a launch of something that will benefit musicians and punters alike.

Kicking off at the Green Room on the Saturday the 17th of June is a massive 7 band lineup with the likes of Frankenbok, Dead Body Disposal, Cheese Excursion, Starvation Army, Darkest Heart String (aka Lonely Hearts), Wonderland and 13 Tears to grace the stage. Thereís a flavor to suite all musical tastes. From Metal, Rock, Goth to Punk and Ska.

CDís of all the bands playing (as well as additional tracks from .Hinge and From Hell) will be made available EXCLUSIVLY on the night (That means you canít get it ANYWHERE after that, not even EBay!) Bring along your trusty MP3 Player and you can even download the tracks at the gig to listen to on the stumble home!
Cut Throat T-shirts and band merch will also be available AND if that isnít enough to get your heart palpitating Asylum TV (Channel 31) will be filming the night as well Rusty Cage recordings documenting the sets for Pod Cast prosperity. You couldnít miss it if you tried

What: Cut Throat Showcase/ Launch

Where: The Green Room, Elizabeth street Melbourne

When: 17th of June, Doors open 7pm

Who: Frankenbok, Dead Body Disposal, Cheese Excursion, Starvation Army, Wonderland, Darkest Heart String (aka Lonely Hearts) and 13 Tears

Anything else? Compilation CD EXCLUSIVE to the night, Asylum TV (Channel 31) Filming of the night, MP3 Downloads at the gig, Cut Throat and Band Merch available, live recording of the gig.

Contact: or
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