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Vocalist needed to complete line up. Art/Alt new wave rock

Azrock 2 Jul 2006 21:39

After over a year of auditioning people I finally have a group of very talented musicians who really play like this is what they want to do with their life.
All we need now is a voice.

We are very driven & passionate about music. The basic idea of this band is to make some great music, play it with total conviction & take our music as far as possible. THIS IS NOT A HOBBY BAND. We need a vocalist who is dedicated & who is prepared to make sacrifices needed for a touring band.

Music we like, QOTSA, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, ...trail of dead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Beatles, At the Drive In, Nirvana, the Melvins, Refused, Sex Pistols, Led Zep, the Bronx, New order, Joy Division, to name a few...

We are in need of a vocalist that performs with a lot passion & intensity like this is the only thing you want to do in life. Don't stand there & look at your shoes, make everyone in the room take notice what ever it takes!
You need great tone, can sing & scream ( dirty rock/new wave screams not metal ) Able to write creative lyrics & melodies is vital.
No Emo, no nu metal or Triple M sound a likes please ( that means creed, nickelback, Pearl Jam etc....)
Open minded, switched on as a person, & a good understanding of what needs to happen. Must want to tour, & flexible to jam twice a week in Richmond.
Male, age 18 - 23 ( sorry ladies a male voice is what we need in our music )

We know exactly what we're doing & have played in bands that have supported international acts, major distribution deal, record deal, management etc... We have the contacts & know-how all we need is a voice.

If you the drive, ambition & talent that we're after contact

Please read everything we've said as that is the kind of vocalist we're after. Cheers, Aaron

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