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Dungen is pronounced "Doon-Yen", Say's I

chatterbox 12 Jul 2006 16:02

Just wanted to let you all know that Dungen have just confirmed an Australian tour. Our Swedish brothers will be playing the Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18 July and @Newtown RSL, Sydney 19 July. Prepare to have your mind bent.
Dungen is the brainchild of Gustav Ejstes, whose upbringing in the remote town of Lanna saw him raised in a 17 Century house by his father, who was an accomplished fiddler, violinist and music teacher with a penchant for 60s pop and rock. After a brief period as the only self-confessed hip hop head in his small village Gustav dove headlong into his father's record collection and 60's/70's rock.
Heading to the fairytale confines of his mother's house deep in the woods of Smaland, Gustav delved into the depths of Swedish folk music and raided record collections for 60's and 70's rare recordings. He worked on the farm during the day, by night he toiled in the home made studio, on what we now know as "Ta Det Lugnt"
"Ta Det Lugnt" (which loosely translated means "take it easy") made many top 10 lists in 2005 and finally sees the light of day in Australia through Dew Process. The album has had rave reviews internationally.

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