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Bass player needed asap by singer/songwriter Andrew Wallace

andy25 14 Aug 2006 17:34

Bass player needed (25 - 36yrs)asap by melbourne singer/songwriter Andrew Wallace (vocals an advantage but not essential)
I recently launched second EP and am booking more shows fo the rest of 2006
Cd has recieved great reviews in beat/inpress,herald sun and people magazines

Recent gigs were Hi Fi bar,Empress hotel and Espy hotel,have also played many other venues around victoria including Melbourne's,Armadale,Pony and Dan'o'connell hotels,Geelong's Barwon club and National hotel and Bendigo's Goldenvine
new single is currently getting played on commercial radio in Canada and am also currently negotiating various distribution deals.

Sound is kinda rootsy aussie pop rock,when lisntening to my music artists such as powderfinger,pete murray,thirsty merc,crowded house and supergrass may come to mind

im wanting someone who wants to become a permanent band member

or a taste and general info go to or
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