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New forum system?

Burgalveist 12 Sep 2006 18:31

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, and have performed one Indie Initiative gig. It wasn't the best one we have done and the review was not very positive, unfortunately there were a number of factors there... but we can all learn from these things. Subject for another post maybe :)

The purpose of ths thread is to ask whethere there are intentions of replacing this board system with something a little more useable?

I have discovered a wealth of knowledge and some very valid opinions in here, browsing the first few pages alone. The reason for my question is that I do not have the time nor inclination to sift through absolutely everything when looking for answers to random questions that pop into my head.

Having a forum is better than not having a forum, I guess I would like to see something a little more useable, friendly to the eyes (no I am not colourblind, however some of us males in here may be), a search function and some separation of subjects (ie Wanted, General Forum, Gigs etc).

I will be wandering over to Melband to see what that is about. As I said, I am only just now becoming more involved in music now that my band is more solid, and I wish to become more involved in the industry.

Hope to be talking to more of you in the future!

Cheers!</title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div></title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div>

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