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Chelsea lights (Perth) need DRUMMER

Lights 7 Oct 2006 10:22

Hey folks

Chelsea Lights will soon be in need of a new drummer - our current skin-beater, Dave (bless him) has sold his soul to a large merchant bank and thus will be leaving us in a few months to work 20 hour days for a huge salary (selfish bastard!)

To ease the transition we're beginning the search now. We're looking for a drummer, preferably aged between 18 and 23.

Here's some info about the band:

We're a 4 piece (including drums) original alternative indie-pop band, usual guitar/bass/vocals/drums, plus we have keyboards/piano in a fair few songs.

The songs themselves vary from plaintive acoustic and piano numbers to bigger atmospheric 'arena style' rock songs, and also straight-up guitar pop.

Influences are many and varied, but include (in no particular order):

Death cab for cutie
Snow Patrol
Arcade Fire
Eskimo Joe
Bright Eyes
Crowded House
The Killers
The Cure

You get the idea

We've been gigging around town since March; released a 4-track demo and are currently finalising our debut EP which we hope will lead to bigger and better things.

All the usual conditions - must be committed etc...that stuff

Our myspace is -

Interested parties can do any of the following:

msg our myspace (see above)

Ring Ben on - 0408 909 262

email him at -

And if none of those work you could try me (Paul) on 0408 819 838 - but Ben is more organised than I am so he's a better first choice.

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