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SISTERS GRIMM need GENIUS/TRUPUNK composer for ugly trash-musical

SISTERSGRIMM 13 Feb 2007 18:10


Str8-acting queer theatre company Sisters Grimm (six foot, 50 kgs, blue eyes, 9”) seeks discreet collaboration with young hot composer prodigy for annoying trash-musical BUMTOWN, by Ash Flanders + Declan Greene.

BUMTOWN is a full-length play set in a cardboard-box shantytown entirely populated by hobos, homos, prostitutes and junkies that sing and dance, badly. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!!!

Sisters Grimm’s last show was the smell-out smashtacular FAT CAMP, which played at the Mechanic’s Institute to reviews ranging from “hysterically wrong” (Herald Sun) to “a crass in-joke” (shrill blogger!!). Our influences are bad-taste lynchpins like John Waters, Troma Films, and the Talent Family.

BUMTOWN will be a punk-musical in the TRU-est sense. We’re looking for very little instrumentation: ideally, the compositions will be highly percussive/rhythmic and actors will provide most of the accompaniment with makeshift junk-instruments (tin barrels, lead pipes, jew’s harp, kazoos, etc). Any other accompaniment would need to be pre-recorded.

. ..... aBOUT yOU ..... . . . . <<<-----------

We need a versatile, innovative creative mind who can work a range of styles to create a score that’s jarring and memorable. We’re looking for people influenced by 90’s riot-grrl, stoner, surf-rock, lo-fi punk, post-punk, industrial noise, etc. BUMTOWN needs eight to nine stylistically diverse compositions, written over a space of 3 months.

You get paid $500 + profit-share. Sure it’s not much, but how much are you getting paid for reading this stupid notice? YOU'VE GOT TIME!!!!!


Any of these:
- Send any demos/recordings you have lying around to SISTERS GRIMM, 49 BLAIR ST, BRUNSWICK 3056
- Send MP3s or similar to
- Arrange a meeting with us by calling 0403 049 840

APPLICATIONS CLOSE MARCH 20TH, or whenever we find someone we like a lot. SO GET IN QUICK!</title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div></title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div>

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