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We seek a bassist to play psychedelic/atmospheric rock music

TheOvals 9 Mar 2007 15:39

'The Ovals' seek a competent bassist to complete a full and operational band lineup. We have written around 6 originals with our old bassist (who is now going to Germany) which we are very enthuastic to begin gigging with (along with new material into the future, of course). We need a competent bassist who is able to provide groove and a solid line or platform for our sound (which, as with much of the more atmospheric rock from the late 60's/early 70's, was becoming reletively bass-heavy in rehersals), who is apt at choosing interesting notes, but who is not necessary a technical showman. Our aim is to create a range of genuinely moving atmospheres that take the listener out of their normal realm, employing a quality over quantity approach when choosing notes. Most of our current songs range in dynamic from loud/soft, clean/distortion. We have drums, guitar, keys and vocals. We reherse at a studio in Seaford at least once a week, which is just north of Frankston.

Demo's of two of our -shorter- songs (without percussion) can be accessed at:

or, alternatively, one of them can be downloaded here (right click and 'save target as'):

Join us, we want to do something with this!
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