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TSOMP 24 Apr 2007 17:18


Itís been a little while since the first album, but itís finally time to put the Shade of March band together again, this time for good!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Shade of March is the solo/side project for David Gagliardi (Laura, Alone Again. Records etc).

Looking for a Creative Drummer and Pianist/Keys who preferably donít have their time already taken up by another band theyíre in (hypocritical I know).

Expectations include regular rehearsals, recording and touringÖ Seriously, youíve got to be willing to put your ALL in, eg. This may involve using your annual leave days to go on tours (but better yet, you donít actually have a regular job), missing that special xmas dinner with your girlfriend/boyfriend or leaving your loving pet with the neighbour more often than it would like.

Music interests should include: Dark/Indie/Alternative/Alt.Country/SlowbutsometimesFast styles of music.

Contact Dave on

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