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FREE Gig Poster Design or Album Artwork

GIGPOSTER 20 Dec 2007 17:23

Hey everyone,

I am just wanting to let you all know that I am willing to create Gig Posters or Album/Single cover artworks for your bands, for absolutely free!!! :D

I love designing and being creative, and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to engage in something artistic and help the indie community. Win-Win situation I think :) !!!

If you've got a concert organised but no one knows about it, you might want to consider a poster to advertise it... Maybe a poster by me, for free! :) haha but seriously I want to help out, and will try to produce some seriously eye-catching works!!!

If you want me to design a gig poster or album artwork for you, please send me an email to with the following information.

- Gig Poster /Album Artwork / Single Artwork

- If it is a gig/concert poster:
- Venue, Time and Date
- Admission details (cost etc - optional)
- Concert organiser (optional)
- Any supporting bands

- If it is an album artwork:
- The album title

- If it is a singles artwork:
- The single's title

- Any other comments (overall look etc)
- If you have a myspace page that is very helpful for me to understand your sound and look, and photos of the band are great too!

Finally, please remember that I am doing this for free, and need to fit it in around my other commitments so please allow around a maximum of 1 week for each thing. Also, depending on the amount of replies I might not be respond to all requests due to time constraints etc, so please don't take it personally :)

Thanks for reading this, and I hope interested :)

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