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Want to form a Theatrical, Psych/ Electro/ Glam! band??

vincenoir 5 Jan 2008 03:12

Do you share a larger than life vision for a band that is about more than just the awesome music- one that also consists of vision, creativity, theatrics and art?
Think: glam, flamboyant, a mishmash of musical styles, atmospheric
Influences: Anything from Mike Patton, Robots in Disguise, Bowie, Eno, Patrick Wolf, Gary Numan, The Birthday party, vaudeville to music from the psychedelic era eg. The Electric Prunes!
As a performer I am inspired by David Bowie, Bjork, Kate Bush and Nina Hagen. Ive had years of theatrical experience and currently create artworks and costumes with a band in mind. I love all things camp, bizarre and androgynous. If you share these interests and you also have musical talent and an open mind to various musical styles and performance elements then do not hesitate to contact.
Looking specifically for ages 18- 25 experienced guitarist, bassist, synth/ keyboard player, drummer/ multi instrumentalist.

contact with email, myspace and a little info about ye-self
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