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band manager required - paid - no exp necc. read on!

Gracenote 11 Apr 2008 00:52

Hi & thanks for your interest!

Want to get started as a band manager?

Quinn band (an established folk/reggae band with many gigs under our belt, URL at the bottom) are looking for an individual who is interested in becoming our band manager. Experience is definately a plus, but is not required - the only definite requirement is enthusiasm - we are willing to cut right through the BS and mentor the successful applicant straight into the role.

As our manager your responsibilities will be to co-manage the band's incoming & outgoing finances from gigs, merch etc, ring booking agents to help book gigs (we will do this as well but it will be a shared responsibility), mail posters to venues, help organise band members for rehersals & gigs (via email & SMS), keep everyone to schedule both locally and on the road, and keep an eye out for musical opportunities.

Obviously good verbal communication skills and an unpretentious nature are a huge plus, as is being good with numbers. Knowledge of how to use social networking sites also an advantage.

Knowing your way around the industry like a pro is NOT required - we will help you get up & running and give you the venues, names & phone numbers, know-how and experience you need to really get inside the industry & connect with the contacts you need to be a player. We will obviously supply the posters, CDs, promo gear, merch, & weblinks you'll need for the job, all at our expense, not yours.

In return you will be treated as an effective member of the band, members will be answerable to you. There will also be a petty cash account available to you for promotional use, as well as a small cash retainer in return for your efforts, based on money the band makes from shows & merch, as well as by negotiation.

My band is not about posturing, trying to look cool, or hyping ourselves up in an attempt to appear bigger than we are. We're just a band, that wants to play as many gigs as we can and continue to make our mark on the Aussie scene. We're all serious about the music but feel that life is there to be enjoyed and we all look on the light side of life - and we're looking for someone who feels the same! Smile

music here:

Feel free to phone me (Quinn) for a no-hassles chat, I am easygoing and don't bite. mob 0402405992

Thanks for reading!

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