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Neurosis Australian Tour

lifeisnoise 16 May 2014 17:27

life is noise presents for the first time in Australia...


life is noise is proud to announce the first ever Australian tour from heavy rock luminaries NEUROSIS.

Neurosis have become an institution of heavy music. From their beginnings as a hardcore punk band in the mid-80s to their gradual evolution into a transcendent and genre-defying collective, the Oakland, California natives have broken ground at every turn, pioneering a sound that influenced heavyweights like Isis, Mastodon and High on Fire.

For 27 years, the members of Neurosis have demonstrated what metal can be and what it can aspire to: transcendent, cathartic, graceful, innovative. – NPR

Yet nothing else sounds quite like Neurosis. Marked by subtle dynamics, the desolate vocals of Scott Kelly and Steve von Till, and moments of pure catharsis, Neurosis defy imitation. While their Bay Area peers followed predictable routes, Neurosis saw opportunities for experimentation and innovation everywhere they looked, incorporating a slew of non-traditional elements into their hypnotic brand of music, utilising tribal rhythms, synthesizers and strings while pushing every boundary conceivable. The result is a sound that’s as diverse as it is rich, taking cues from sludge, doom and all things heavy, all the while operating outside the boundaries of any one aesthetic.

Neurosis’ ability to harness their maze of strengths into one engrossing composition, every time they pick up a guitar or drumstick, or whatever it maybe, still amazes to this day. – Cvlt Nation

29 years on, Neurosis schedule has slowed: the band rarely tours and gaps between releases grow larger. But what Neurosis may lack in recent activity they make up for with unbridled intensity, both on record and in the flesh. Live, Neurosis are a revelation: a monolithic presence of near-otherworldly proportions, delivering the kind of sonic experience that’s as epic and all-encompassing as you can expect from such a reputable and enigmatic group of artists. Prepare to lose your mind.

Neurosis look – and sound – like the Old Testament brought to life. – Decibel Magazine

Witness Neurosis in the flesh on their first ever Australian tour on the following dates:

August 4 - Brisbane - The Hi Fi w/ Hope Drone
August 5 - Adelaide - HQ w/ Space Bong
August 6 - Perth - Capitol w/ Drowning Horse
August 7 - Melbourne - The Corner Hotel w/ Clagg
August 8 - Melbourne - The Hi Fi w/ Whitehorse
August 9 - Sydney - Manning Bar w/ Adrift for Days

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