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If you're into heavy melodic powerful stuff, then...........

NICK7 15 Aug 2003 17:17

Saturday the 16th August at The Laundry Upstairs sees a powerhouse combination of three kick-arse heavy yet melodic bands.
Kicking off the night are The Hurts. For a relatively new band these guys are absolutely great, with a potent brew of big guitars and strong soaring vocals. With a sound reminiscent of the Butterfly Effect and Pacifier, The Hurts have the songs and the style, so be there early. This band scored this gig on the strength of their 8-track EP, so trust us, you are guaranteed to be impressed.
Next up is ex-Byron Bay outfit SEVEN. Sit back and hold on, as this band is nothing short of fucking awesome. SEVEN combine two massive guitars with drums, bass, soundscaped samples and a pyschotic frontman to create a whole new sonic experience. Holy fuck, can this guy sing or what! Is this guy on amphetimines? SEVEN have the stage show, the songs and the energy to make them your next favourite band. File them under the following: YOU MUST SEE THIS BAND!! The word is spreading - SEVEN will blow you away.
Rounding off the evening of excess are Geelong's blistering DOWN TO SIZE. Latest media reviews have been fawning all over D.T.S new album 'DeModal' This band are tight as hell with riffs as phat as fuck. If you love your nu-metal delivered with passion and professionalism then get ready for a fresh dose. Music with attitude and aggression.
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