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Review - Sai Fox (Solo Accoustic) - Central Club Hotel - 05/09/03

ZeddES 9 Sep 2003 10:41

I was down at the Central Club nice and early on Friday night because I was playing in the band straight after Sai's set. I must say, I wasn't really expecting a whole lot of excitement out of the accoustic act on before us. I had only ever seen Sai perform with his band 'The Host' once before, as we were on the same bill for the Indie Initiative Espy gig, and on that night we didn't actually meet. What I found was that Sai's accoustic show was quite a different beast to The Host. The songs were entertaining, and well structured. The 'Wah' pedal broke out towards the end of the set, giving a nice rocky edge to the show. It was great to see an accoustic act that wasn't just background music to fill gaps while bands set up. People actually paid attention, and didn't just talk through the set. The vocals were strong and well sung. It was good to see. I think it must take a different level of courage to get up there on your own, and Sai pulled it off extremely well.</title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div></title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div>

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