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TEN $ BOY @ the DAN O'CONNELL (06/09/03) - Review

PeriodPain 11 Sep 2003 21:04

It was 9.11pm, and it was time for TEN $ BOY to drop the bomb on stage.
TEN $ BOYs third offical gig (and the second time I've seen them), was a blinder. The boys have come a long way in such a short amount of time, maybe the loss of a member and the inclusion of a interpretive dancer has been a breath of fresh air, whatever the reason, TEN $ BOY was on heat that night. They were tight and fresh. Sounding really good. Best I've seen them yet!
Highlights - Opener, I AM THE VOICE OF TEN $ BOY. Funny for all the right reasons.
Cancer Sells (a poem set to ambient beats and sounds, VERY SAUCY.) Lots of bad taste jokes, had me in stiches, some of the audience with no sense of humour offended. Heard one person say, "Cancer's not funny."

TEN $ BOY then unleashed their reworking of their classic BIRTHMAN, HUMAN NATURE, FULL HOUSE (which included an olsen twin poster which their dancer proceed to take off his shorts and...???) and ATARI 2600. Had their post modernism dancer in a shaolin monk mask bopping along up on stage.

Few new songs kept the audience on their toes, such as RAY MARTIN and final song THATS WHAT WE SAID! (TEN $ BOYs tribute to headlining act thats what she said! Masterbatory cock rock riffs that samples thats what she said! title song).

still needs work around the edges, but who didn't when they first started out, give 'em a chance, they won't dissappoint because they have progressed so fast in such a small amount of time. They're a great band, a real alternative to what's being recyled today.
P.S Paul Simon.
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