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trippster 22 Sep 2003 14:32

We've just revitalised our FREE Music Business Daily News Feed which has given thousands of Australian and NZ (and overseas subscribers) music professionals a great resource for catching the daily headlines to go to global news stories on vital issues, critical analysis or just plain fun Music Business News.

You can check it out and decide whether to subscribe for free to receive a short email by noon with just the headlines and the media sources (see today's below) of about 5-8 crucial stories from music media and newspapers around the world. If a story's headline catches your eye, the entire story is just a click away at our free Daily News Feed website at

Here's today's headlines as an example (last week's are at the end of this e):

Sales of 10 Pirate CDs Led to Costs of $54,000
From Sydney Morning Herald

Has the Record Industry Lost the Plot?

Jacobsen's Short Way To The Bottom
From Australian Financial Review

Court Drama Tries to Sort Fact From Fiction--Holly Valance Case
From Sydney Morning Herald

Owners Decide To cash In on 'Gangbusters' JB Hi Fi by Listing Stock
from The Age

Turn On Tune In Download... What Youth Really Want From Music
From New York Times

Louder, Artier, Scruffier--the 2003 NZ bNet Music Awards

How to Spot the Next Big Thing--How Australian A&R Scouts Work
From Sydney Morning Herald

GO TO to view the stories FREE!

or send a blank email to to start a free sub

It's an extension of our weekly online music industry magazine In Music & Media which we have offered free to thousands of subscribers for over seven years at with the URL There you will fine weekly Australian music business news by Christie Eliezer (usually ten times the amount he produces for his street press columns in Drum, Beat, dB and others), charts, Top 20 music sites visited this week, and more. There's also fortnightly columns of opinions--like Phil Tripp's critical Loose Cannon, a guest editorial from leading minds of the industry, Tips & Techniques and even letters to the editor on issues discussed.

You can sign up for a weekly email alert sent on publication of the Weekly News each Tuesday afternoon at 5pm by going to

or send a blank email to to start a free sub

We hope you'll join the several thousand of your music business associates who already receive the daily or weekly news feed emails. And if you are already a subscriber, feel free to pass this email on to your friends.


Phil Tripp--Publisher of's Music Business Portal
& the AustralAsian Music Industry Directory

Here's last week's collection of headlines which you can access (our archive goes back 5 months).

SShhhhhh! They're Coming! (RIAA COPYRIGHT COPS IN ACTION!!!!) From Musicplayer
Paying For Music On Demand--Ecast the new Jukebox From Los Angeles Times
I Was Tired of Club Gigs--Holly Valance Counters Her Manager From Herald Sun
Music Industry Has a Lot Riding on Final Stretch 4th QTR Sales From USA Today
Woman, 70, Suing Eminem and Dre for 'Millions' From

Revenge of the Copyright Cops (Cartoon) From New York Times
Hit & Miss Says Holly's Manager From Herald Sun
Samsung & Napster Teaming Up From CNN
ASCAP Venture Launches Media Tracking Service From Reuters
When King Ruled The Planet From The Age

Searching for Music? Use Usenet to Avoid Getting Caught From Miami Herald
High-Tech Heroin--Guest Editorial From
The Artists: It's the Music Stupid--The Industry Has a Bigger Problem Than File Sharing
From Newsweek/MSNBC
Why All Music Should Be Online From Singapore Straits Times
Holly's Manager Tells of Ruined Plans From Herald Sun

Tom Misner's Amazing Recollections--"The Book" Reverberates Across The World   
From Juliusmedia
Editorial--Suing Music Downloaders (September 12) From New York Times
Music Pirates or Music Rebels--Five Letters to the Editor From New York Times
Recording Industry's Missteps--Comparing DVD to CD as Value From Denver Post
EMI In The Wings--AOL-TW To Reduce Media Giant's Exposure to Decimated Music Biz From NY Post
Fallen Idol--Australian Idol Coach a Kiwi Star From Stuff
"I Made Holly Valance A Star, But I Lost A Fortune" Ex Manager's Trial From Daily Telegraph
Wakefield to Quit Australian Idol--Record Contract Conflict with BMG From Sydney Confidential

Radio National Interview With Stephen Peach (ARIA), David Williams (Shock) & Phil Tripp (IMMEDIA!)    
From (Requires Real Audio Player)
Last Blast for the Music Moguls From Sydney Morning Herald
Music Industry Fatheads Need To Change Their Tune From Sydney Morning Herald
Rude Awakening for File Sharers From Wired
Out of Tune--Picking on Little Kids & Old Ladies? From MSNBC

GO TO to view the stories FREE!

or send a blank email to to start a free sub</title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div></title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div>

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