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Very Keen Guitarist looking for band

Cassidy 7 Oct 2003 21:17

I am an easy going 29 year old guitarist with a good sense of humour desperate to start playing. It's been awhile as i have relocated to the city and i am really keen to get started again.

I have excellent pro gear -100w JCM 800 valve Marshall + quaddie, excellent acoustic and electric guitars + plus a wide range of effects. (Vintage style sound)

I am a very competent lead player, with skills as a rythym player also, having done both in my time.
I would like to play stuff that is heavy but not metal - I am quite interested in the soundscape stuff, as well as good ol' driving rock. Crunchy, feedbacky style guitar is what i do best using a vintage style sound. My influences include Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo (sonic youth), Dave Thomas (Early Magic Dirt), You Am I, Powderfinger, The Fauves + heaps more

I have had plenty of live experience and a bit of studio experience, as well as good industry knowledge. I have also had experience in organising and promoting large shows and bands. I have been playing for 16 years and I am very passionate about it.

I have reliable transport and quite flexible with time - Travelling within reason is not a problem. i am currently based in the south eastern burbs -Carrum.

Anyway, if i sound as though i could be of use to you PLEASE email me at - or call me on 9773 0627
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