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October 15 Update on South by Southwest Australian & New Zealand Participation

trippster 16 Oct 2003 10:12

As of two weeks prior to the closing date (October 31) for artist submissions to showcase in the South by Southwest Music Festival (March 17-21), over 90 Australian bands and 21 New Zealand acts have applied for the 30 showcase opportunities being allocated between both countries. Additionally, 15 Australian films have been submitted for consideration in the Film Festival & Conference side. Registrations have exceeded expectations and have flowed in earlier than normal, projecting a huge OZ & NZ presence. Over 10,000 global attendees are expected with 1000 showcase slots.

AUSTRADE, in its roadshow of five major cities mid October, confirmed that a four unit stand (36 square metres) will be made available to Australian attendees for displays, product dissemination, a private meeting area, public meeting tables, networking, promotional activities, message holding and appointment scheduling as well as serving as a nerve centre for networking and referrals. It is the largest national stand ever booked in 18 years of SxSW and is also the first stand booked in the massive SxSW 2004 exhibition—in a prime traffic position with maximum exposure. But this is only part of AUSTRADE’s SxSW initiative.

AUSTRADE also confirmed support for a special afternoon Australian artist showcase and barbecue run by Mary Mihelakos and Glenn Dickie--the Australian Music Collective--who staged a similar debut event at SxSW in 2003 and will feature Australian artists who are performing at official SxSW night showcases as well as other artists who are appearing outside of but in tandem with the SXSW event. AMC is seeking industry and state government/music organisation support and sponsorship in addition to AUSTRADE's investment to maximise exposure at the concert in addition to potential CD samplers, print promotional material on homegrown artists and labels as value-added aspects. The barbecue concert event will be heavily promoted far in advance to key media contacts, booking agents, venue managers, artist managers and of course the A&R directors of major and indie labels as well as professional managers of music publishers.

The Australian Music Collective will be inviting artists to participate who will be in Austin March 17-21—whether they are performing in the official showcases or not--and questions can be forwarded to
For official SxSW artist showcase information & submission, further details are at & showcase application in PDF is at

For those artists who are successful in being chosen by SxSW from their submissions and for other artists & music business professionals who are planning to attend the event, Austrade is creating a national teleconference "SxSW Boot Camp" seminar to be held in offices in key cities where all participants are linked a month in advance of SxSW to share tips, techniques, secrets and strategies for maximising the time & investment with real export returns & success from SXSW's activities. 

Local organiser for SxSW, IMMEDIA!'s Phil Tripp--spoke at the seminars with two key Austrade officials (US Senior Business Development Manager Dion Love based out of the Australian Embassy in Washington DC and John Odgers--Industry Specialist Arts Culture & Entertainment from Sydney) plus music industry professionals who have already attended the event successfully in previous years. From the attendee registrations already processed and projections from the seminar plus calls, professional attendees from OZ & NZ will be well over 100—doubling last year’s attendance.

For those who want to register for South by Southwest at the lowest early bird rates, the current rate to November 14 is US$375, rising to US$425 until January 16, to US$475 until February 13 and then a walkup rate of US$525 applies to March 17. Registration can be done online at and further information is at An Australia/New Zealand site for potential SxSW attendees is at with continuous updates. Or call (02) 9557 7766 for an 8 page brochure and rego form or email Special airfare deals are offered by Brad Thomas ( or by calling (02) 9383 4544.</title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div></title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div>

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