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Magi03 20 Nov 2003 14:35

I'm looking for a drummer and bassplayer (probably over 30) to provide the 'mustard', the backbone for a totally spontaneous show.

We will initially surface like any other band (the only difference being that we will be making it up on stage) and then gradually evolve into a show (only limited by our sense of imagination) the size of which will naturally be dictated by the size of the gig/stage.

You need to be someone(s) that understand that music is a medicine designed to move people and it's healing qualities in this respect cannot be underestimated.

On a purely practical level, the more styles you can play the better but above anything else we need THE FEEL, whether it's metal, or funk or whatever.

Phil (the guitarist) and I are already successfully 'rehearsing'. If you'd like to join us in a jam you can contact me (Zia- the bloke version) direct on 0409 721 003 or email:
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