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Merely a symptom

Spanky 2 Feb 2004 19:54

In regard to the Laundry...

Your all saying the same thing based upon your own personal agenda. Itís an argument that canít possibly be resolved objectively. Itís just competition in a free marketÖthatís how it works. Methods that make money will survive and those that donít will die.

What transpires will be determined by the market itself.

Without the existence of benevolent venue owners who support live music for reasons other than to make money, this industry could perish.

This issue is merely a symptom of the falling demand for independent music. If the demand for independent music was high, we would be expecting payment from the venue for simply turning up to a performance.

We are competing against every other type of entertainment out there. We should be concentrating on how to create more demand for our productÖ.or maybe we just need more products that create demand?
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