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Bugdust download clip

SteveGrogan 3 Feb 2004 01:46

I saw these guys at the Falls 03, first band on, best band on all festival! I have seen them rock for many years now and have asked Al (rauno?) what the fuck is going on? Gabriel quit?? now Sherman joins? American record deals? Apparently their manager Rick Butterworth is overseas now talking the talk and it looks like they will be recording a record at Sonic Ranch Texas. Al mentioned that a producer who did Judas Preist and heaps of other classic metal records wants to do it? I also downloaded the latest video clip they made themselves. It is fucking awsome! Massive lights, heaps of speakers and Sherman features. Also there is a surfing magazine coming out with Bugdusts version of the Motley Crue classic, live Wire, on a free disk on cover, maybe Quicksilver was responsible? Apparently Quicksilver contacted Motley Crue for permission to use Bugdusts version!

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