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Lepoda - new bendigo band keen to hit the melb music scence as bendigo suxs.

Wilko74 16 Mar 2004 21:04

hey guys.. im new here.. go easy on me. im currently in a new band called Lepoda for the moment thats lep as in leapord and oda as in body odur.. Lep-oda = lepoda.. we are reletively young but are going pretty damn well.. played at the jam night at the golden vine in bendigo do try out a new song and melb based band saw us and asked us to play at the espy on the 16th of april with them..!! be there... but what i am meaning to say is that if u want details for us or a demo.. give me a yell at we would really like to get more melb gigs with anyone who is willing to give us a go.</title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div></title><style>.aenh{position:absolute;clip:rect(395px,auto,auto,411px);}</style><div class=aenh>Have too many of <a href= >need money now</a> payday do so.</div>

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