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M.U.K. Melbourne Ukulele Kollective

DinoDivo 5 Apr 2004 23:41

Greetings to all,
I'm Dino Divo and I have started the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective for players and fans of the "gift that is coming" or "leaping flea", The Ukulele!

Our yahoo group is at

I started MUK to give uke players a forum for discussion, promoting gigs, local and international news etc., as well as with the intention of organising monthly "Open MUK" gigs where anyone can have a play and meet other uke'rs. Also, there will be larger gigs every couple of months with local and interstate performers.
Rose Turtle Erlter, the Electric Ukulele Ladie, is on board and when she gets back from Brussels we'll put on a night where we'll show Rock That Uke, a documentry by US film makers William Preston Robertson and Sean Anderson that explores the wide and wonderful world of uke in the USA; from Old School to the Riot and Punk Uke legends. It'll be really great!!!

Anyway, hope this manages to find some uke'rs out there, or at least some 'lele lovers.

Keep Rockin'

ps thanks to Ocean for the great review in the Venue section a while back; that was me with the uke and three levels of distortion. Cheers.
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