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redeye 14 May 2004 10:22

Isurf is on the hunt for new tunes again. With the second issue on the newsagent shelves April 8th we are now looking for new tracks for the August issue. For all those artists who have already submitted their tunes and did not make the first and second issues your in with another chance, we still have all your cd’s and will be reviewing them over the next 2 months. So if you have any new material that you think might suit send it to us to check out.

If you have never heard of us before read the info below and check out our website at

Eastern Films, is a small company that makes surf movies and we are looking for music to use in our latest project Isurfdvzine, a quarterly video surfing magazine. Our first issue Isurf will be available in newsagents in Nov. Isurf is fast paced with an interactive format which combines the best elements of magazines and video’s. Each issue will feature a full length movie along with interviews, news, contests, travel, giveaways, home vids all to a hot soundtrack.

Featured bands will receive extra promotion in our music section “ Sonic Waves”- where its surfing audience will tune in to check out video and audio clips along with reviews of the hottest upcoming bands.

Surf soundtracks have always been a great launching pad for upcoming bands. Just ask the likes of Offspring, Sprung Monkey, Pennywise or any of the other California “ new punks” bands who shot to fame on the back of Taylor Steeles surf video’s in the early nineties.

Isurf is an exciting high energy vehicle for upcoming bands to gain valuable exposure and we’re currently looking for bands to feature in Isurf.

If your band is interested in having one of your tracks on Isurf it would be fantastic to hear from you..

Please let me know if we can help each other out.
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