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nick caves new album coming out in september

experience 2 Aug 2004 00:58

I was having a long walk with an old friend one winter; we were talking at long ends about trees he was a senseless optimist born and breed, I hated it yet I had an insurmountable love towards him.

He was talking about the might and beauty of foliage in the winter; he was describing how every rotting branch filled him with a beautiful sort of hope. The surrounding flora left me with a certain unquenchable distain that made my bones ache, spite my feelings about the nature around us I walked on listening to him go on about the illustrious trees.

As he gave me his philosophic ramblings about how the rebirth of a winterbourne tree inspires him I was thinking how the death of a trees leaves summarizes life for me too.
My friend believed that the leaves leaving only to come back painted a glorious picture of over coming, I turned to him and said in a voice not unlike that of my own, “the leaves of a tree are its only blessing, the peacocks feathers if you will, without them the tree is nothing but rotting wood.”

“But old friend the trees soul lies with in the mighty wood of its heart, the leaves are superficial; the true beauty lives in a trees inner strength and power to recreate itself every season.” Hioshimi replied with that sickening inclinable gleam of hope in his right eye.

“The inside of the tree are about as beautiful as the innards of a dead whore, the tree has no heart, they have neither inner power nor strength, and they die every winter.” I said with a rising distaste in the back of my mouth, it reminded me of copper or blood.

“Only deciduous trees shed their leaves in the winter old friend, the mighty evergreen bears its honor year long.”

“No Hiroshima everything dies in the winter.” I muttered to him as we walked long into the day.
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