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Calling all Melbourne bands- exchange

DaJones 20 Oct 2004 12:12

Hey guys

Haven't been in this forum before but young Neil Wedd said its a good starting point.

Just putting an idea out there. I represent and play in Sydney band The Forgotten Army. We have a pretty good following and growing quickly in Sydney and we are very keen on getting down to Melbourne as much as possible. We were meant to tour down there with Perth's Fourth Floor Collapse but Melbourne bookers were hesitant at 2 out-of-towners on the same bill. The same happens in Sydney. So am putting the idea to all of you of a type of exchange where we can try to help you and hopefully you could help us. If any of you would want to have us supporting you in Melbourne, we would be very happy to have you as supports in Sydney. We have packed the Annandale (prob Sydney's best and one of biggest pub venues) a number of times and play at all the best venues here- so am sure we can increase your awareness and help you in any way possible.

Our sound is compared to Radiohead, Buckley, Muse, Queen, Zeppelin, etc. Piano and guitar based and a 5-piece most often. Very diverse so will play with most types of bands within reason. Website is being upgraded but at

Our latest gigs here have been supporting Augie March, Dappled Cities Fly, etc, and coming up we are playing with Fourth Floor Collapse, Grand Silent System, The Fragments etc. Recent very good reviews in Drum and national magazine GQ (summer issue out today), song of the week a while back on FBI radio, and limited play on Triple J, and also included on Annandale Hotel's best of compilation out soon with bands such as The Cops, Redsunband, Tremors, Betchadupa, etc. More to come.

Sorry about the resume style above here people but had to let you all know where we stand. Please check out website and contact us if you are interested inthis sort of exchange as with bookings often tough to get outside of your city, I think this could help all of us.
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