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Zeptepi - Travelling Through Time

Zeptepi 18 Jan 2005 13:55


The long awaited Zeptepi album "Travelling Through Time" was released on January 1st, and is now available from the website (credit card/bank card payments accepted).
The CD features 10 tracks recorded between Dec 2001 and September 2004, all mixed and mastered with the help of Pete Rowe at Dacoit Studios in London. Why not download a couple of free mp3s from the album and give it a test drive...

Full track listing is as follows: Welcome to the Modern World, Losing My Mind, Travelling Through Time, Bad Mood Rising, Vision, Machine, Standing at the Crossroads, Not Hungry Anymore, Love Song in Dream Time and Circles. Most of these tracks have been available online in demo format at some stage in the last couple of years, but all of these versions are brand spanking new!

Zeptepi have been favourably compared to the likes of The Verve, Bowie, Spiritualized, Radiohead, Pink Floyd....

The initial reaction has all been positive, and the cover artwork seems to be making a real impression on people. You can check out artist Dolly's own website at

Read what others have been saying about Zeptepi...

"A gloriously apocalyptic piece of work" Dr. Grouse, 3CR
"Quite simply awesome”
“Dreamy space rock… swirling anthemic guitars, well placed strings and a larger-than-life presence” Oz Music Project
“Extremely well done… atmospheric and very well written” Buzz Magazine
“A real classic feel to the Zeptepi sound, but it’s definitely their own.”
“Interesting demo that provides a handsome carrot as bait to what is coming next. Here's to hoping that the debut album from Zeptepi will be every way as big as the enigma that is presented here” Oz Music Project
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