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What will we do when we are 64
By Neil Wedd

An experience in retail and penalty rates
By John Luis Moretti

Substance abuse. A lucid explanation
From Music Think Tank

How to start a successful band and get paid.
From Tone Deaf

The hard life of touring musicians
From The Washington Post

Thoughts on Live Music
By Neil Wedd

Tactics of record company visionaries
From The BBC.

How to book a tour without a booking agent.
From Bandzoogle Blog

Less Money, Mo' Music & Lots of Problems: A Look at the Music Biz

5 Solid Ways To Check If Your Music Really Is Good Enough To Release
From Music Think Tank

‘Don’t tell artists what they want to hear. Tell them the truth.’
From Music Business Worldwide

How to Hack the Music Industry: The Audience Problem

The break I need to succeed?
By Neil Wedd

A great read on the economics of the music business

Creative people suffer from low dopamine levels?
By Neil Wedd

A great article on being an indie musician
From ToneDeaf

Why are promoters blaming the punters?

The plight of workers in the entertainment business

Prince of Wales sold. Changes coming.

Steve Albini's speech from Face The Music

Victoria Votes 2014
BY Dobe Newton (From

How Musicians Can Effectively Manage Their Money
From Tone Deaf

The public doesn't need every artist. But every artists needs the public.

Booking your first show
From Tone Deaf

Some thoughts for musicians. From an interview with Neil Wedd

When computer geeks are cooler than musicians we have a problem.
Have too many of need money now payday do so.
From Forbes
Have too many of need money now payday do so.