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Face the Music 2012

Face the Music just keeps getting bigger and has become a great place to learn about the music business. It's a great place for musicians to meet high level people in the business. The panels were entertaining and illuminating. Martin Atkins keynote speech was funny but it contained so many salient points. Whilst some of his points don't relate to Australia, his information about where to tour was a real eye opener.
The session on agents was also interesting, and musicians and managers should have got a lot out of it.

The session with the Liquor Licensing and EPA people gives me hope that we are on the verge of positive changes.
But to achieve this musicians, venue owners, managers, PA owners et al must join Music Victoria. We must channel our ambitions through them. We need everybody interested in music to join Music Victoria. We must show we have a base of support.
We need to be like 3RRR and 3PBS. We need thousands of members. So get people to join up please.

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