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The Datsuns blitz the Espy
Thursday December 20

The Datsuns haven't been in their second home, Melbourne for 4 years.

They returned in a stunning manner. Just hearing the guitars, makes an old man like me jump and yell.

Starting with their new single Gods are Bored, they just rocked the Espy. Moshing ensued, an idiot got on stage to be thrown off by Dolf. We heard, old and new songs, each one imbued with the magic that makes The Datsuns one of the great rock bands of the last 15 years. From the time I heard SuperGyration I was sold. From the earliest days in 2000 this was a band I wanted to see make it. and from playing at the Espy, Greyhound, Ninth Ward et al, they hocked everything to make the first album and got a deal. Since then they have blitzed the world, being one of the leaders of the new rock era from about 2004. Their show at the HiFi is one of my Top 10 ever gigs.

And last night showed me that they are again back. You can see them fro free at The Espy tonight. Don't mis it.

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