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Thoughts on Big Day Out 2013
By Neil Wedd

Having been to every BDO in Melbourne plus the first BDO in Sydney and having worked with the creators of BDO since 1982 I was a very interested observer at the reboot of The Big Day Out after last years fallout.

Obviously the festival has changed over time as others have sought to emulate the joining of the tribes of music fans that the BDO started in Australia.

The biggest thing I noticed was the lack of tribes. Usually you see lots of one T-Shirt or style of dress. The only unifying style for me was the appearance of the Australian flag and little flag tattoos and Aussie Swazi's (or Austika's).

A lot of young girls and boys entering into a rite of passage, plus plenty of 20's somethings. In fact it was a very large crowd, probably 50000 or so, for which the Big Day Out would be very happy.

Over time the crowd has changed and it is definitely a mainstream crowd (MMM crowd) on the whole.

Sure you can see some brilliant newer bands but the crowd came to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers. A big festival is about the headliners really. Sure you can keep people interested with cool acts, but they want the bang for the buck. In the good old days it was about our tribe (the music tribe), but times have changed and no longer is Grid"/>

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