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The Beasts of Bourbon.
Memo. Thursday 29 August

Really enjoyed seeing the Beasts of Bourbon at Memo last night. It's the first of 3 nights, featuring different lineups.

Last night was the Axemans Jazz show with the original lineup of Tex, Spencer, Boris and Kim. They played Axemans Jazz and some other tracks and transported me and the rest of the audience back to the halcyon days when we had a lot more hair and depleted the ozone layer with lacquer.

The Beasts, to me are the greatest Oz band of the last 30 years. Demented, frantic, laconic, able to summon the depths and height of our emotions. Guys playing for fun to start with, covering songs they loved, then making albums that have stood the test of time. And like an itch that needs to be scratched (sometimes furiously), they come out of the swamp and play.

Last night was great, but the volume wasn't able to be cranked high enough for my liking.

But the venue certainly evoked the 80's. An old cinema with a balcony, certainly reminded me of a few old town halls.

Catch them tonight doing The Low Road and Saturday doing the later material.

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