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Nile Rodgers and Chic
Billboard Wed 11 December

Truly one of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed. I am still tingling.
From a master of his craft, the show consisted of songs from Chic and artists he has written songs for.
From the opening statement of intent to play his music he started with four Chic classics including Everybody Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, my personal favourite I Want Your Love. They then played some songs he produced, including songs like I'm Coming Up, He's just the Greatest Dancer, We are Family and then Spacer, a song I first heard Machinations do in the mid 80's. I never realised he wrote it. I think the song was one of the first that turned me on to disco music. I was running and DJing at a club called Milliways in Perth and I started to play dance music, mixed with indie rock. And I started to find the origins of songs and the artists involved. Talking Heads covered Take Me To The River, which led me to Al Green. And so on.
They then played Original Sin which he wrote with InXs and recorded in one take. I remember the first time I played that song in a club. From bewilderment to people dancing.

Then they played Lets Dance, which he wrote and produced for David Bowie. And the place went nuts. Every arm was up , people jumping around, a special moment. Electricity crackling.
Can you top that? Well C'est Chic, Le Freak and then Good Times to finish the show. The crowd was onstage dancing and the whole venue was jumping. Good TimesGood Times is one of the songs that started rapping, the 12 inch mix meant you could rap over it.

Niles Rodgers has just ovecome cancer so he is enjoying life. And the adulation that a performance brings is a tonic. But the response was extraordinary. The band took a bow and Get Lucky by Daft Punk was playing. The crowd was singing along, applauding and Niles was just soaking it up. The perfect end would have seen Niles being crowd surfed around the venue, but instead he got into the punter barrier and shook hands with everybody. Magic.

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