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Bob Dylan @ Palais Theatre Melbourne 19/8/14
By Neil Wedd

I went along to see Bob Dylan, mostly becamy partner loves him. I saw him a few years ago and he mumbled his way through the set. The atmosphere wasn't quite there (It was outdoors at the Convention Centre). Mind you Ray Charles was brilliant as were the Pretenders.

Well I will say that if you like Bob Dylan at all you should go and see him. He is great form. I've had a couple of people say they have had negative reports. God knows from where. You could be upthat he only does 4 or 5 of his greatest hits. Otherwise you should be enthralled.

He has a great band, who watch his every note, waiting to see where it will take them. The band swings, he has a swagger, he puts his soul in. The harmonica is clear and crisp.

The new material is cool, it swings, the band feels like they want to break out and rock, but Bob keeps it in tow.

He has re invented his old material, most notably Blowing in the Wind.

He's almost rapping at times, but its the blues that he's speaking from.

Don't miss it.

My partner has the biggest smile on her face. And to me that says it all.

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