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Co operation through time. Thoughts on Everybody Loves our Town.
By Neil Wedd

I've spent 34 years in the music business.

It started from a chance meeting. But I knew Ken West from going to gigs.

I've worked with so many people, been inspired by them and inspired others.

I've been reading the book "Everybody Loves Our Town" by Mark Yarm about the Seattle scene. It plots the rise by all the bands. Lots of people adding their voices to how it happened, the gossip, and astute observation.

The cohesion and drive of people who believed it what drove the scene. Sure some people disliked each other, but people believed.

Something arose from a bunch from people who liked the music. And Australian bands played a huge part in this. The Cosmic PSychos were part of the movement, The Meanies toured the same way as the US bands and PEarl Jam were great supporters of them.

Look at The Hard Ons. Read Ray Ahn's blog for a an insight into the life. It was a different time, but what rings true is the support that musicians got from fans. AirBnB started out as a site for couch surfers. Well the alternative bands from the 80's already had their network of friends. And we can all learn from that.

Reaching out to people is amazing. Yesterday a friend rang me to talk about an issue that needs to show a person up for their rubbish behaviour. WE then talked about a band that he was impressed by. I said funny you should say that, the son of a guy I grew up with in Beaconsfield plays in the band. I'll speak to them.

A gap of 45 years is crossed and hopefully I can help the band realise their potential. My friend certainly can help the band.

People always to me write a book about your experiences. I know bits and pieces of lots of things. As all of us do. But together we build it into a complete picture.

And we need each other to make it happen. Everybody has a talent. It just takes others to help bring it out. A bit of advice, a contact, that helps.

People say the business has changed. Sure it's easier to get heard. But the bar got higher for success. Different gatekeepers whose opinion matters. But its always been the fans who spread the word. And these days it's the authentic voices that we listen to. And we respond to help in whatever way we can.

Look at the response to Spencer P Jones health issues. The benefits have raised $70000 so far. Thanks in large part to Mark Burchett who organised it and his friends who pitched in by playing gigs, donating to the GoFundMe campaign, buying tickets, bidding for special items and sending the word out.

Hopefully I will find a way to tell my story. But its the story of all of us, because without each other we can't make it.

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