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Substance abuse. A lucid explanation
From Music Think Tank

Substance abuse is ever present in society and musicians were/are seen as flagbearers.

Certainly we don't see as much about it these days from musicians, but certainly society is awash..

This article and the accompanying video give one explanation about the causes of substance abuse.

Musicians live a strange life. If they are playing they spend an hour or so on stage, getting a massive endorphin rush from the crowd's adulation. The other 23 are spent in a normal existence. If you aren't playing you miss that jolt of excitement, and sometimes you need something to give you that excitement. Touring is a lonely existence, somewhat of a bubble, and it's no wonder people fell into the exciting world of substances.

I'm certain we all see addiction in different lights, but this is one explanation.

The social disconnection and obsessive behaviour is interesting.

Live music normally brings us together but so often we see people filming the show instead of experiencing the thrill of it.

How do we make life interesting so that we can stay happy?

Music is often an outlet for people to work out their issues and explain themselves. And music is a balm for many people and helps them answer their own questions.

And we see issues worked by musicians out in so many ways. Through anger and rage, through calm explanation, through comedy.

The lyrics express their state of mind.

Yesterday I heard that 8 people a day are committing suicide. This is a shocking loss, and the loss of friends and family this way is never easy to deal with. We need to connect with our friends more to see how they are. We feel we are all connected via the internet, but seeing our friends and talking with them is something we need more of. Hopefully friends realise how much we care about them. When someone dies this way we all wish we could have said something and maybe it would change things.

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