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Experienced Australian Music Industry facilitator ROGER GRIERSON announces a new music company called GO !

GO ! is a JV with Gaga Music (therefore "GOGaga")

"We offer publishing based writer / artist services and worldwide representation to independents who control their own publishing (and masters)"

"We work with them to raise awareness across the media and the music industry in general, locally and globally. We assist in their creative and business development. With GoGaga we have an international network of publishing representation and digital distribution, as well as hundreds of key contacts garnered thru my 40 years of internationalising Australasian music"

"We assist with a customised strategy around finding partners (where required) in synchronisation, mgmt, live representation, govt assistance, label services, PR, and business advice in general"

Grierson is the former Chairman of Festival Mushroom Records for 8 years, and managed artists such as Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and The Go-Betweens. He was also their music publisher, as well as being the publisher for ,many Australian writers like Tex Perkins, Tim Rogers and Powderfinger.
His original 80's independent label GREEN launched the careers of Do Re Mi, Lime Spiders, The Johnnys, New Christs, Allniters, Beasts of Bourbon, Spy V Spy and others.
As the Superintendent of GO!, he has enlisted Tulalah manager and up and comer, Tim Eilenberg, as Traffic Warden for GO!
They are based in Melbourne.

"This is a 21st century version of everything I have been involved with over the years. Internationalising Australian music thru proper practical flexible representation around copyrights. This time, 40 years after 1977, its total DIY time, the creators are in control of the process and the ownership, and we facilitate that.

GO! launch their operation representing Cash Savage, Peep Tempel and their mainman Blake Scott, singer songwriter Liam Linley, and shape-shifting post-colonialist Delsinki. They also represent Tumbleweed, Rebecca's Empire and the talented, sadly missed Ben Mullins as well as Roger's own punk band The Thought Criminals, of course.

"The definition of independent means you can pick and choose who you work with. DIY means creating your own opportunities. That's GO ! and GoGaga, that's what we do"

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Roger and Tim

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