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What will we do when we are 64
By Neil Wedd

I posted on Facebook yesterday about the loss of fellow musicians and the nature of poverty amongst those who have entertained us.

With the wave of death and illness of so many of my friends and comrades in the music business, what are we going to do in our old age. Many of us don't have a home, super or savings.
We are a wonderful Community that supports each other, but we are going to need more than that in the future. What sort of nursing home willi we be in?
Is it time for a tax on ticket sales to raise funds to create a nursing home for roadies, musos, promoters, door staff, etc.
Should successful bands do a benefit a year to provide funds for those struggling musicians?

This bought a big response.

We have Support Act and ARCA who do great work plus many other organisations. Please email me about any others.

Having just helped with Brian Hooper's benefit where we have raised $70k to help Brian's family and seen the response we get whenever we help one person, how can we help the whole of our community?

We all know people who can help in many fields, from care to funerals.

I'm sure we could get those who work in the field to help, we can get companies (breweries, distillers, touring companies, ticketing businesses, venues) to chip in to help create events that could give a boost to organisations to enable them to help look after our loved ones.

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